UBCP/ACTRA Subsidy Program with The Promotion People

UBCP/ACTRA has partnered with “The Promotion People” on a pilot program that will subsidize the cost of publicity and promotion for successful applicants.

**Please note, to warrant a publicist you should have a substantial role to promote. In order to garner magazine articles for leading or recurring roles you should start working with a publicist with a minimum of a three-month lead-time. For newspaper, online and television interviews at least one month of lead-time once your press release is finalized, is required.

UBCP/ACTRA will be subsidizing 20% of the special pricing offered to us by “The Promotion People”

Apply for the subsidy

To apply for the subsidy please: email The Promotion People at Lesley@thepromotionpeople.ca Your application must include the production(s) that you want to promote, your IMDB link, your website (if you have one) and a headshot. (If the application meets the threshold for promotion, The Promotion People will confirm member standing with UBCP/ACTRA as the final step)

Successful applicants will be contacted: by The Promotion People.

The Promotion People can help UBCP/ACTRA Actors promote their acting careers.

  • There are many advantages to having a publicist: The first being, a publicist works alongside your agent to reach out to the press to announce your role. As experienced publicists, we have established meaningful relationships with the media over the past 25 years.
  • Once we write your press release and get approval on the final draft, we will reach out to the production to be sure that we have their approval before the press release is released. We then coordinate actor interviews whether they are via phone, email, in-person or on television.
  • Today, journalism is going through changes so we have to have a pitch that exceeds expectations so journalists will be interested in interviewing our clients. One of the biggest mistakes actors make is not having enough lead-time before the production is released. Working directly with a publicist should begin at least a month before your role is out.
  • Media training – We are able to give you guidance before your interviews to ensure that you cover all pertinent points for both your role and the project you are promoting. Many interviews are via email questions. We will always review your answers before submitting them to the journalist.
  • Social Media – Often a role can come down to a short list. When producers are making a final decision, the number of people following actors on social media can become a determining factor, as using your platform for promotion can be helpful when the production is released. We can provide insight into how to effectively use social media to promote yourself and your projects, including creation of social media pages, as well as suggested posting schedules and content ideas.
  • Headshots – Headshots are your introduction to agents, casting directors, producers and directors. It is important that you put your best face forward. We can connect you to several experienced photographers, in addition to your agent’s suggestions. It is important to have a variety of print-ready photos for press opportunities, so that once you have a number of articles released, the articles don’t all look the same by using the same photos repeatedly. Lifestyle shots are also helpful to secure magazine articles. Behind the Scene
  • Photos – We will encourage you to take Behind the Scene photos (*pending production approval). These can be helpful for promotion and social media posts.

For more information please contact Lesley Diana Lesley@thepromotionpeople.ca| 604-726-5575