What our clients saying

“Lesley Diana and I have been working together now for over 10 years. The Promotion People has garnered over 15 magazine covers, and countless television interviews and other print features, for myself alone. I feel lucky to have found such an amazing publicist.” - Emmanuelle Vaugier, Two and a Half Men

“The Promotion People’s range of contacts in North America is phenomenal and they address every challenge with a can-do attitude and delivers incomparable results. People say there is no "star system" in Canada? Well there is, and a big part of it is thanks to the Promotion People!” - Nicole Oliver, Host of Crash Test Mommy

“I have been working with Lesley and The Promotion People for many years now, and couldn't be happier with our partnership. She is a true professional and extremely gifted. Lesley has been an incredibly important part of my team and has worked beside me through new areas of my career that may have felt overwhelming had it not been for her support and keen guidance.” - Gabrielle Miller, Corner Gas, Robson Arms

“Pound for pound, The Promotion People are the best personal publicists and promotional company I have ever dealt with, both in this country, and the United States. They are personable, professional, and get the job done, while constantly exceeding expectations. They are small enough to be personal and large enough to have the contacts and connections to get things done. We have been collaborating on clients together for close to a decade, and I highly recommend The Promotion People.” - Murray Gibson, Character’s Talent Agency

“I have worked with Lesley Diana and her incredible team of actors for the past eight years. I have styled clients including Emmanuelle Vaugier and Gabrielle Miller for numerous magazine covers and fashion stories across North America. I have always found The Promotion People to be a joy to work with. They are professional, reliable and able to accommodate the last minute editorial requests that are a part of the fashion industry.” - Amy Lu, Fashion Stylist

What the media are saying

“Lesley Diana and The Promotion People are my go-to team for the inside scoop on fabulous stars and personalities!” - Erin Cebula, Entertainment Tonight reporter

“Lesley Diana and her crew at The Promotion People are vigorous in raising and promoting the profiles of their diverse clientele, and helpful and sympathetic to my needs as an entertainment feature writer and reviewer: A great combo for a publicist.” - Glen Schaefer, Entertainment Reporter, The Province

“The Promotion People are the best! Lesley and her team are professional, persistent and always get results.” - Fiona Forbes, Host of Urban Rush

“As a producer for the Vancouver entertainment-based talk show Urban Rush, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lesley Diana and The Promotion People countless times over the past 7 years. As a boutique agency, they are very hands-on with their clients, something our team appreciates when it comes to setting up interviews for our show.” - Lisa MacFarlane, Content Producer for Shaw TV

“As editor of the western Canadian film trade magazine Reel West, I hear from publicists on a regular basis. I am most impressed by those who tailor their messages for specific media. The Promotion People have always understood the needs of our magazine, and her staff only send pertinent information, and we have responded by featuring several of her clients in our magazine. In addition to Reel West, I have featured Promotion People clients in cover articles for Western Living, Condo Magazine, Vancouver Lifestyle Magazine and Canadian Screenwriter Magazine. Lesley makes it easy for the media to access her clients and thus enables them to get their message out to the marketplace. - Ian Caddell, Editor of Reel West Digest

My experience with The Promotion People has been fantastic. This is great a team of reliable and efficient professionals who are very hard working, very passionate about their clients, and a pleasure to work with.- Melody Simpson www.hollywoodthewriteway.com